Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Sun Nov 4 22:03:25 UTC 2007

Scott wrote:
> Brandon Johnson wrote:
>> I've had a good experience with Virtual box in both Windows and Linux
> I've been testing out VirtualBox for the last week and find it very easy 
> to use and works well.  The open source version is in the (K)Ubuntu 
> repositories, so it is also very easy to install and upgrade.

Here's my take on it, and please correct me if I'm wrong...

For server work in virtualization, I've had good luck with VMWare server 
on ubuntu.

If you're actively *using* the VM, vmware workstation works well and 
virtualbox also works well.  I think vmware server didn't play nicely 
with sound, but if you're using it as a server constantly running in the 
background, that wasn't much of a concern.

I haven't used Xen, but from what I've found it requires the client to 
be modified to properly run and is mainly for virtual Linux sessions.

User Mode Linux is also limited to Linux.

Personally, I like the flexibility of VMWare server and it's worked well 
for me under Ubuntu, but with 7.10 I've had to install the sourced 
version from VMWare and the canonical version seems to have fallen into 
the darkside of the maintenance moon.


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