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Michele m.zarri at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 11:11:47 UTC 2007


While waiting for the extra memory to arrive, I have given a try to Xubuntu
and although I like its themes, I did not see a big improvement in
performances. I have enabled the system monitor and noticed that the swap
tends to stay below 150 MB, so hopefully with the extra 128MB I will get the
performance boost I need.

The problem I experienced is that I did not uninstall the ubuntu desktop and
every time I open nautilus instead of xfe the background reverts to the
(ugly) brown Ubuntu default. I tried to follow some instructions on how to
make xfce the default session, but this only resulted in having to perform
emergency logins.

Also, as the laptop will have a single user I wanted to remove the need to
enter user name and password at login, but ticking the box in the security
tab does not seem to be sufficient.

I guess my problem is that after a couple of disappointing months with KDE I
have been using gnome for years and I am reluctant to change (guess I am
getting old :-( )

Will let you know how the experiment proceeds.


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