[end result] Re: lightest possible weight ubuntu?

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Sun Nov 4 00:58:30 UTC 2007

On 11/02/2007 05:29 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 11/02/2007 11:00 AM, NoOp wrote:
>> On 11/02/2007 09:41 AM, Steve Flynn wrote:
>>> On 02/11/2007, Michele <m.zarri at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> On 11/2/07, Tipton, Timothy <Timothy.Tipton at pxd.com> wrote:
>>>> > >>It's a Pentium III with 128MB RAM (soon 256 as I found someone selling
>>>> > a
>>>> > >>128MB module on eBay), an ATI radeon M6 graphic card and 30GB hard
>>>> > disk...
>>>> >
>>>> > I have a very similar old laptop and it runs Xubuntu perfectly. XFCE is
>>>> > the Desktop environment and it is quite light, and easy to use. I highly
>>>> > recommend it: http://xubuntu.org/
>>>> >
>>> Yup - I have (get this!) and A21m thinkpad with 64 meg of ram. It's
>>> currently got Fiesty on it and does actually run xfce to a point where
>>> it's almost usable. 128 meg would make it quite acceptable (or at
>>> least it feels that way).
>>> At the moment, it's CLI based only as I lack the patience of a saint.
>> Ineresting... I ended up giving a 128M module from my A21M to my son for
>> his T21 so I only have 128M left in the machine. I swapped hard drives
>> as well & it now only has Win2K on it (that's what had come with his
>> T21). I'd been waiting to get another 128M module before loading Gutsy,
>> but noticing this thread I've decided to try xubuntu @ 128M...
>> downloading the xubuntu alternate iso now & will report back on how it
>> goes :-)
> Well... I can report back that it does seem to be usable w/128M albeit a
> bit slow (as can be expected on an 800Mhz 128M machine).
> While still downloading updates the final vote isn't in yet; having
> prevously had 384Mb and standard Gutsy gnome running on the same machine
> I'd seriously consider adding as much memory as you can stuff into the
> machine (384M). Standard Gutsy w/384Mb did just fine and 384Mb w/xubunu
> might blaze right along.
> The disk space install doesn't seem to be much different than standard
> Gutsy (about 4G), yet you don't get the full OpenOffice etc. FWIW, only
> putting OpenOffice Writer and not Calc and the other included modules
> hardly saves much of anything. The core disk space is in the base OOo
> installs, so I don't see what xubuntu are accomplishing by not
> installing the full OOo. Perhaps tomorrow I'll install the full OOo and
> see if I can log the difference.
> The only problems experienced so far are a monitor problem whereby I get
> a barcode type icon/overlay in the upper left hand corner with a Hitachi
> SuperScan Elite 641 (CM 641) monitor. Xubuntu detected the monitor just
> fine (surprise!) and configured it correctly, but this annoying 'bar
> code' is back. I had similar problems with this in Feisty. But opening
> the Terminal, entering something in Terminal and closing Terminal would
> get rid of it. This isn't working in xubuntu. Note: I use the same
> terminal just fine w/Gutsy on another system (desktop) and the problem
> doesn't occur so I think it's a hangover from Feisty that is probably
> still in xubuntu.

As in the past; gnome wins hands down over xubuntu for me.

I quickly tired of mucking around in tiny fonts, not being able to
easily VNC into the system without fooling around with X11VNC, not being
able to view samba shares of the other machines, position items on the
panels the way I want, not being able to set a static IP without irda
getting in the way, etc., etc.

I finally just did $ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and now I'm
happy again. Response even with only 128Mb of memory seems to be about
the same (and faster in some instances), so I'll put up with it until I
manage to get some added memory.

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