No body seems to notice my querry for voice in gutsy 64 bit!

Ashfaq Shaikh ashfaq.s76 at
Sat Nov 3 02:23:11 UTC 2007

I have been requesting info on how to get voice chat in Gutsy,but it seems
nobody is taking any notice of it, once advised Gizmo, I downloaded it but
failed to install. Gdebi came out with 'wrong architecture'.

My machine is AMD 64 bit, my Gutsy is 64 bit, I am happy with all other
things and features, but I need voice messengers like, yahoo, Google talk to
work in Gutsy.

I don;t believe voice chat is just not possible with linux, when all other
features of windows have been covered up.

Please help me out with this!

Thanking you,

Ashfaq Shaikh.
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