Window manager not running on second head

Bill Moseley moseley at
Sat Nov 3 00:36:59 UTC 2007

On my Thinkpad with ATI FireGl with Feisty I could plugin in a second
monitor and restart xorg and the second screen would start with the
same desktop as the primary and I could move the mouse between the

With Gutsy, and with and without Compiz, the second display starts,
but it's a *black scree* with no WM running on it.  I can move the mouse
onto the screen but it's just the "X" mouse.

I've seen this thread:

But I don't think it applies.  Mine is just that GNOME isn't starting
on the second display.

I've also tried changes to Admin -> Screens and Graphics but all that
results in is very low resolution and a single window saying "Keep

Any idea what makes the WM start on the second head?

Bill Moseley
moseley at

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