Strange behaviour of Totem Media Player

bill purvis bil at
Fri Nov 2 21:35:14 UTC 2007

Since I switched to Ubuntu I've been trying out one or two things
that I've not done before. I installed Kscd as I liked that on my
previous system for playing CD's. However, when I started it up I
also got 'Sound Juicer' appear. I decided to try using that to
save a CD to the hard drive. Worked fine, then tried running
the Totem Movie Player to play it back - great, apart from a few
glitches at the start which I put down to loading the visual effects
stuff. I then used the Juicer to record another CD. This time Totem
starts up and the glitches go on continuously all through the track
until I couldn't bear to hear the music being mangled.

I was curious about how much CPU the visual effects were using so I ran
'top' - this was during the first CD. It showed between 6-10% cpu
going to totem. On the second CD, with all the glitches, Totem was
grabbing 95-99% CPU. Also, no visual effects appeared. What's going on?

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