SLOW boot and LONG wait when logging out to switch users.

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Nov 2 16:30:07 UTC 2007

On 11/02/2007 08:15 AM, damian wrote:
> damian wrote:
>> I have 2 ubuntu machines. One of them is taking a long long time to get 
>> from the gui screen starting up (cream background and spinning cursor) 
>> and the login screen coming up. This used to take about a second, but is 
>> not a couple of minutes.
>> Is there any way to look behind the gui to see what's taking so long?
>> Both machines have this same problem when logging out to switch users. 
>> The background goes blank and the spinning cursor comes up, then it 
>> seems to take forever before anyone can log in again.
>> Any ideas or advice?
>> Both machines have had MythBuntu added to them if that points to 
>> anything. I don't see why it should, but trying to figure this out.
>> Thanks
>> Damian
> Any thoughts on this?
> I don't expect anyone to be able to know why the logging in and out is 
> so slow from the information I've given, but surely there's a way to 
> find out?
> Cheers
> Damian

Have you checked the usual: dmesg, /var/logs etc?

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