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On 2007/11/02 10:57 (GMT-0300) Derek Broughton apparently typed:

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> Your description of your problem is poor, particularly as you don't
>> provide the type of video hardware you have. There are many problems that
>> can cause a blank screen in Gutsy. Therefore I suggest you forget Gutsy,
>> and use Feisty, which has far fewer potential video problems.

> While you're absolutely right about the lack of information we were given, I
> can't imagine why you would think Feisty has fewer potential video
> problems.  After all, Gutsy has numerous fixes for old problems, and
> drivers to support hardware that Feisty didn't even know about.

All distros released in the past few months, and any about to be released
(e.g. Fedora 8), feature an unusually buggy Xorg, and in many cases,
particularly Gutsy, broken framebuffer. A non-comprehensive list of some of
the problems:
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