Monthly mailing list etiquette reminder [was: Re: ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 39, Issue 13]

Janne Jokitalo astraljava at
Thu Nov 1 20:59:59 UTC 2007

Gareth Owen wrote:
> Actually, I have seen the spec, has its own distro and Windoze XP <Ach> but 
> have seen a report that Gutsy runs OK on it.

Hello Gareth,

Thank you for sharing this information with us. However, I'd like you to
stop and think for a moment about posting to the mailing lists like you just
did on ubuntu-users at . It's a high volume list, with ongoing conversations
from several, even ten-folds of topics. It can take some time to thoroughly
follow each day, and I for one appreciate a comfortable routine for such a
job. Now I'd like to pinpoint a few slight details that take away from the

As you seem to be receiving mails from the list in digests, the subject line
actually has no reference to the topic of your post, unless you edit it
(which seems to be actually even hinted on every such digest).

If you quote (it is preferable, and highly recommendable), please leave only
the absolute relevant part of the topic, so that others can quickly refresh
their memory on what the talk is about. Also, if you quote, please reply
underneath the quoted part. It follows common sense of logic, and makes it
easier to read as you don't have to scroll up and down to see what was said
earlier on and what you are now responding.

If you take these things into consideration, you'll make a lot of us old
farts a lot happier. :) I'm pretty sure you can easily see the reasoning
behind these points, but just to highlight what triggered my post now, I'll
leave the quoted part below my text. It is neither above your response, nor
does it contain anything relevant from the previous discussion. What it does
contain, however, is instructions for how to use this mailing list, and yes,
the changing of subject field part too. :)

As a result, I cannot tell, even if my life depended on it, what your
posting is about. I don't think you'd wanted that to happen, right? :)

And now the plain ol' disclaimer for the ending, no I'm not angry and
neither would I want you to go sulk in the corner ashamed. I'm just trying
to let people know of the little things that can make someone's day just a
tad lighter. :) Thanks for listening, please return to your regularly
scheduled programme now. News and weather report at 11, after tonight's film.

> On Thursday 01 November 2007 14:08:14 ubuntu-users-request at 
> wrote:
>> Send ubuntu-users mailing list submissions to
>> 	ubuntu-users at
>> To subscribe or unsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visit
>> or, via email, send a message with subject or body 'help' to
>> 	ubuntu-users-request at
>> You can reach the person managing the list at
>> 	ubuntu-users-owner at
>> When replying, please edit your Subject line so it is more specific
>> than "Re: Contents of ubuntu-users digest..."


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