Gutsy won't write DVDs [SOLVED]

NoOp glgxg at
Thu Nov 1 17:39:32 UTC 2007

On 11/01/2007 07:47 AM, Dave M G wrote:
> NoOp,
> Thank you for responding.
>> There are known issues with Mitsumi drives
> I had two drives, one which was old. I removed the old one, and now the 
> remaining DVD drive writes fine.
> I don't know if the old one is a Mitsumi drive. It seems unbranded as 
> far as I can tell. The only writing on it says "48Xmax" in large letters.
> I think I'm going to call this one solved, although I guess it doesn't 
> really identify what the problem actually was.
> --
> Dave M G

Ah... sorry I had looked at the original post in the forum thread you
gave and saw that his was a Mitsumi. I should have read further to your
post there.

My guess is that the reason that you can't write to DVD's on the 48Xmax
is that the drive is (guessing) an LG GCC-4480B combination
CD-RW/DVD-ROM - meaning that it can read/write CD's, but only *read* DVD's.


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