Ubuntu installation error

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Thu Nov 1 10:16:04 UTC 2007

> I've downloaded the .iso file from your site and burned the CD as set out on the site. When I check the CD for errors as set out on the site I get the following:
> Buffer I/O error device hdc Logical Block 329679
> Buffer I/O error device hdc Logical Block 329680

That looks like plain hardware error.
So either your CD Drive is going south (replace it...), and/or the CD
you have burned is not good enough (either the media itself is of poor
quality/cheap, and/or you have written to it with too high a speed.)

So I would:

- burn a new CD, at a very low speed.
- if that doesn't work, try that CD in a different drive/computer, to
see if it works any better, so you can figure out whether your CD drive
is at fault or not.



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