Tablet PC for gutsy suggestion

Owen Townend bowbowbow at
Thu Nov 1 02:09:20 UTC 2007

  I have installed Gutsy on a Toshiba Portege 3500 tablet using a USB
CD-ROM and the standard desktop install disk. The pen input worked as a
pointing device without me having to specially configure it. As long as
the pen hardware isn't exotic you should be ok. Mine, for example, uses
the common Wacom driver.
As to handwriting recognition etc, have a look here for some more


On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 16:48 -0200, Felipe Figueiredo wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have zero experience with tablet PCs, but have read on many places that 
> there is some support for them with linux. The question is how much support 
> is available, in terms of apps and useful environments. 
> >From googling, I discovered two (or more) suites of apps for embedded PDA 
> systems using linux: GPE and OPIE, the first is available in ubuntu. I've 
> also seen specs on ubuntu's site defining goals for embedded systems for the 
> next versions, but then it seemed so far in the future. IIRC, they are 
> maintained from, which also provides kernel patches for 
> embedded systems. Will kernel patching be needed for use of ubuntu on a 
> Tablet?
> How does one write text without a physical keyboard? I have some experience 
> with Palm PDAs, and I love thei Graffiti input mechanism, where you actually 
> handwrite the letters with the pen and the OS recognizes them and prints the 
> letters in whatever app you're using. Any chance there exists something like 
> this for linux?
> Anyone here uses any model, and would hare experiences with PIM and input (pen 
> or finger). Since so many people here like and recommend ThinkPads, I was 
> looking at the Thinkpad X61 tablet, but on some stores there are many brands 
> that appear to make only tablets, that I've never heard of (OQO is one of 
> them).
> I guess my main question here is: are the compatibility problems of tablet the 
> same for desktops/laptops, i.e. drivers for webcam, wifi, video, etc, or will 
> the input method also be a hassle?
> thanks in advance
> FF

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