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Thanks Gary,

Yes, I have Webmin installed and it appears to be working, but no matter
what I change in the Samba server settings, it's no go ... :O(  ... Webmin
is one of the few apps that survived the upgrade to 7.10. I'm grasping at
straws trying to get the server back up and talking to the network. Thought
I'd give SWAT a try to see if it would be any better than Webmin and just
"magically" juggle things back into place. As I said, I'm grasping at

I did manage to find a document that described how I had to install "xinetd"
first before I could get SWAT working. Yes, I can access SWAT via port 901,
but the documentation is missing (it didn't install from the package for
some reason), so not 100% sure what I should be looking at to fix the
problem ... :O(

Funny thing is Webmin reports that I'm running 7.04, not 7.10.

I managed to download phpGroupWare from packages and it will run from
"Localhost", but not from the Windows XP machine. So I think the Apache2
server is up and working, but something is stopping clients from accessing
the server. No firewalls have been setup. So don't know why access is not
going through.


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  Hi Jan,

  I'm not sure if it is same in Ubuntu as it is in openSUSE, but the
instructions there for using SWAT were to access it by using
"http://localhost:901 and log in as user root. If you do not have a special
Samba root account, use the system root account."

  As a newbie, I have grabbed at anything that could help in setting up a
system and I ended up by finding a web-based administration tool called
Webmin ( that cpvers Samba as well as many other server apps.

  Hope that helps

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