system crashes after installation (Int 14: CR2 c100000 ......)

Anders Häggström hagge.ubuntu at
Thu May 31 23:21:06 UTC 2007

2007/5/30, Alex Mauer <hawke at>:
> I would check which kernel has been installed.  The Epia requires a
> kernel compiled for the 386/486(/586?), and the server install provides
> a 686 kernel.  I suspect this is the cause of your problem.
If this is correct (I don't know) you could always install Ubuntu
using debootstrap from a live-cd (debian/knoppix/ubuntu should work).
This will install a miminal system (~350MB) without kernel and without
bootloader. And then you chroot into the new enviroment and use
apt-get inside the chroot to install a bootloader (grub or lilo) and a
kernel of your choise (or build your own).
This will let you install a 386/486/586-kernel, if that is the
problem, and the installation is done entirely thru Internet (if you
follow the guide), so you don't need to download or burn anything,
except for the live-cd.

// Anders

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