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Thu May 31 16:33:01 UTC 2007

Phil Pinkerton wrote:
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> On 5/31/07, Derek Broughton <news at> wrote:
>> Phil Pinkerton wrote:
>> > This is the world of Linux vi is SOP
>> >
>> This is the world of _desktop_ Linux.  vi is only SOP for geeks and
>> dinosaurs.  Even then, I'm a geek but I see no reason to use an
>> antiquated
>> and complicated editor when there are so many better options.  And if I
>> wanted to, I'd use emacs.
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>> derek
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> The beauty of linux is YOU can choose.
> it is a small work is it not?
> vi complicated ? I think not,  it is in the brain of the beholder I
> guess,
> the closer linux "desktop" gets to windows desktop the better I like
> being a
> dinosaur and using vi, besides antiques gain value with age, so I have no

I guess the argument is that normal Ubuntu user who uses it just for web
surfing, email, photo editing, etc. are well off with gedit, nano or
something like but technically minded people always (for most part) like
challenges so vim, emacs does well for them.

> problem there either.  We dinosaurs made linux what is is today so the
> younger generation can enjoy it in its most simple minded format. So
> enjoy.
> I was just trying to help and its just these kind of imature comments
> that
Flame statements deteriorates the goodness in a mailing list. I agree.
It's usually good to avoid questions like vim vs. emacs, firefox vs.
konqueror type of question in a public mailing list because they tend to
signify that one software is better than the other and then all the
hooligans join the party screaming at each other. In the end nothing
beneficial happens.

Let's flourish this mailing list and Ubuntu. Not the other way round.

Just my 2 dollar.
> take the knowledge and fun from these groups ( I am guilty also but I am
> getting better with age )
> Phil

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