system crashes after installation (Int 14: CR2 c100000 ......)

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Thu May 31 00:18:26 UTC 2007

Hi Alex,
   Thanks for the reply, will try to install an older version of Ubuntu Server and let u know..


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santro mys wrote:
> I was able to install Ubuntu server and when I try to boot I get the
> following error:
> Int 14: CR2 c1000000 err 0000002 EIP c03f3c3e CD 00000060 flags 0010016
> Stack: 373c0046 00000000 ffffffff c0490000 000013c0 00000080 003c0000
> ffffff80
> I am using a Epia mini-ITX motherboard.
> What can be the course of this error? Any reply will be greatly appreciated!

I would check which kernel has been installed.  The Epia requires a
kernel compiled for the 386/486(/586?), and the server install provides
a 686 kernel.  I suspect this is the cause of your problem.

how to resolve it, I'm not sure.  Some suggestions, in no particular order:
* Install from the 'alternate' CD; it may provide the 386/486 kernel (as
'alternate' is intended to be a kind of failsafe/always-works installer)
* Install an older version of Ubuntu and upgrade from there, making sure
you stick with the -386 or -486 kernel variant. (I believe Dapper
installs the 386 kernel by default, but I'm not sure)
* See if there's a way to get the server install CD to use a 386/486 kernel.

-Alex Mauer "hawke"
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