Need help 'Debianizing' the latest MediaWiki 1.10.0 package just like 1.7

Paul S paulatgm at
Wed May 30 21:22:07 UTC 2007

Scott Lockwood said the following on 05/30/2007 05:05 PM:
> I am using Dapper, and want to custom roll MediaWiki 1.10.0 in the same
> way that 1.7 was rolled.
> I have installed fakeroot, dh-make, and build-essential. I have fetched
> the sources for 1.7 by issuing 'apt-get source mediawiki'.

1. before you can build you have to "apt-get build-dep mediawiki" too. 
Do this and try it again.

2. remember you have to change the debian/changelog for the new version 
after copying the old debian directory into the new version.

3. If this still fails, try building it normally just to see if it will. 
  If so, it may give you a clue where you need to adjust the 
debian/rules file for differences in the versions.


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