install without cdrom

Carsten Aulbert (list) carsten at
Wed May 30 14:01:25 UTC 2007


Kamal Paryani wrote:

> i need to install ubuntu on a PIII laptop of which the cdrom drive is bad
> the laptop does not support booting from external usb cdroms

Two possibilities come into my mind quickly:

(1) If there is already a linux running you can extract the alternate
net-install kernel from a boot cd and tell grub to boot that one
(2) If the laptop can boot via the network (bootp  or preferably PXE),
you can install it that way if you have another PC nearby which can
serve the install kernel voa tfpt.

Other possibilities:
Remove the hard drive and attach to different computer and install
system there, or simply copy an existing linux system via rsync over the
network, but this will only work if you can partition/format the
laptop's disk beforehand.

If you need further info, please ask!

HTH & Greetings


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