ATI of nVidia?

Scott Lockwood scott at
Tue May 29 21:48:15 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-05-29 at 23:36 +0200, Markus Hitter wrote:
> If you're talking about 3D performance, I'm using a GMA X3000 even  
> for professional CAD work (Catia on Windows) and the thing is
> roughly  
> as fast as a typical card with 32 MB video memory. The X3000 works  
> fine with the i810 driver in Ubuntu, but I didn't check 3D  
> performance yet.
> So you get reasonable performance for few bucks and you can always  
> plug in an additional card later. 

Actually, it's that Second Life doesn't work on the Intel cards. :-)
Sorry, I'm a sysadmin - I only need performance for games and toys. :-)
Scott Lockwood

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