Connecting to MySQL using Open Office Base via ODBC...

NoOp glgxg at
Tue May 29 21:06:43 UTC 2007

On 05/29/2007 11:04 AM, Gabriel Dragffy wrote:

> Hi
> Thanks for the reply.
> I installed and correctly configured libmyodbc.
> I am using Feisty, and that has OpenOffice 2.2.
> So what I do is start up Base. It asks me what database to use. I choose
> to "connect to an exisiting database" and select the type as MySQL. I
> tell it to connect using ODBC, successfully find the datasource I
> defined in the config files and tell it to use that. I can put in my
> userame and password, and test the connection - it works, and after I am
> shown the main area of Base, where to the left you can choose: "Tables",
> "Queries", "Forms", "Reports".
> This is where things start to go wrong.
> If I click on "Tables", and I double click on one of my tables, a new
> windows opens up and it correctly displays my table, including it's
> structure and data.
> If I go to "Queries" and choose to "Use wizard to create query" I get a
> dialogue box pop up saying "the field names for database.table could not
> be retrieved". This happens also when I choose to "create query in
> design view", "use wizard to create form", "use wizard to create a
> report".
> Therefore most of the functionality has been blown out of the water :(
> The server I am connecting to is on the same LAN, that is also running
> Feisty, with an Apache2 server, MySQL, and Samba. As you may have
> guessed I use it as a file server and as a testing web server.
> Would appreciate any insight. Thank you.
> Gabe

My guess is that the Ubuntu (U)OOo wizards are screwed up (see:
That said; I decided to test using a local, know working database that I
have on my system. The database was a converted ACT (old Windows contact
manager) dBase file that I converted to an OOo have use on a regular
basis. Here is what I tested, using the exact same local odb:

1. In OOo 2.2 official - (O)OOo base I open the tables, create queries,
forms, reports with no problem. Everything works.

Ditto for StarOffice8 (w/Update 6).

2. In (Ubuntu)OOo 2.2:
	- I can open the tables
	- Use Wizard to creat query does nothing
	- Create Query in Design View opens & works
	- Forms wizard does not work
	- Create Form in Design View works
	- Reports wizard does not work - in only brings up a start form

Note: Java JRE is Sun 1.6.0_01. I can also test w/1.6.0 and 1.5.0_07.

So as to ensure that there was no common use of (U)OOo and (O)OOo files
I tested (U)OOo and StarOffice8 on one machine, and the (O)OOo and
StarOffice8 on a different machine - same database.

So, before you throw in a MySql connection to complicate matters even
more, I'd test a local simple local database first. Then after you
verify the above, unload (U)OOo 2.2 and install (O)OOo 2.2 directly from Note: make sure you download the non JRE version
& then load your own JRE from Sun directly.


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