Using a newer version of a program than is availabel from repo

Andy stude.list at
Tue May 29 17:31:18 UTC 2007

Hi all

I am having a slight issue with ekiga, and by slight I mean it won't
make any calls.

According to mailing lists this is a problem with how ekiga handles
NAT traversal.
It has apparently been fixed (at least in CVS), however the version I
have on Dapper is too old to have the fix in it. I would rather not
upgrade all the way to feisty right now (and there is no guarantee
feisty's copy is new enough anyway).

So I was wondering, is it possible to install a newer copy of an
application that is already on the system.

I would rather not remove the current version of ekiga as that would
take ubuntu-desktop with it so would make upgrading harder.

Can I just download a new version and install or is it likely to
conflict with the current version of ekiga?

Is it likely to cause problems with other software or libraries?

Ekiga provide deb's for Ubuntu. Can I just dpkg -i them?

Thanks all


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