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Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Tue May 29 16:14:58 UTC 2007

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Derek Broughton wrote:
> Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>> (Or, "More fun things to do with Ubuntu")
>>     I have a 'life project', http://CounterMoon.org, where I'm building
>> a trailer in which I intend to spend the rest of my life on the road.
>> And ya just KNOW I'm not going there without Ubuntu Linux...
>>     So I'm working on the controls; 
> ... 
>>     Rather than blow thousands on an A/D card (and the expensive cabling
>> to get those values the length of the trailer without noise or loss) and
>> [shudder] using anything with Microsoft, I found the 1-wire system from
>> Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor.
> ... 
>>     The OWFS provides directories like /sys where you can read and write
>> to these devices as easily as reading and writing kernel parameters.
>> The code to check on things can be in anything you're comfortable with,
>> I chose Perl.
> That's really cool Brian - except of course for the bit about using Perl :-)
> I took a brief look at 1-wire systems a while back to monitor my solar/wind
> electrical system, but not having any hardware background, I lost interest. 
> I might just take another look.

    Well, Perl is just something I'm using because bash isn't as
friendly in the use of floating points, and Perl has the printf funtion.
 But it could be almost anything, really- C, Informix...even "bc" the
"Big Calculator".   :>

    I'd be interested to look at Python, for example...though I don't
think it would buy me anything; there's no graphics intended on this
machine- it's a fanless Celeron 400. It's intended to be easy on the
power, and do a tiny, tiny job.

    Yeah, take another look.  I need to do a pictorial or something on
CounterMoon.org, but I'd like to have something to show, first.  Right
now it's  a 'ring' of cables that connect boards on my workbench.  :)

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