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NoOp wrote:
> On 05/28/2007 12:02 PM, Brian Fahrlander wrote:
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>> (Or, "More fun things to do with Ubuntu")
>>     I have a 'life project', http://CounterMoon.org, where I'm building
>> a trailer in which I intend to spend the rest of my life on the road.
>> And ya just KNOW I'm not going there without Ubuntu Linux...
>>     So I'm working on the controls; there are questions that will
>> naturally arise while on the road:
>>     How much time is left on the batteries?
>>     How much 110V power am I pulling?
>>     Doesn't it seem [hot|cold] in here?
> [snip]
>>     We all like our systems; but at the end of the day they don't *do*
>> many things.  Here, we can direct the air conditioning to the warmer
>> rooms, turn on the sprinklers when they actually _need_ it, create
>> keypad locks, or turn on the dehumidifier on in the NOC when the server
>> room's steamy.
>>     Enjoy!
> Cool... but not sure if you've seen this or not; there are X10 packages:
> <http://packages.ubuntu.com/cgi-bin/search_packages.pl?keywords=x10&searchon=names&subword=1&version=feisty&release=all>
> [http://preview.tinyurl.com/3d5mmy]
> that you might find helpful.

    Yeah, but to enjoy those, I'd need a house!  :)  The scenery never
changes, time in the wilderness becomes only a 'vacation' and you spend
all your time in traffic.

    The trailer 'lives' on 12V; when 110 is available, it just charges
the batteries, unless an appliance _requires_ 110.  The microwave is
one: Normal, 110V: $35  12V version: $400.  So yeah, it runs on 110...

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