Microsoft Exchange Server replacement Project

Mario Ohnewald mario.ohnewald at
Mon May 28 14:11:12 UTC 2007

Hello Ubuntu community,

we are currently looking for a Microsoft Exchange Server replacement.

All the Projects such as Samba, OpenXchange, Squid, Ldap, etc... already
exist. Its just a matter of "putting all the pices together".

After doing some researches we found it very confusing and challenging
to set up something like this.

Would someone here want to help develop a ubuntu package wich covers all
this? Or is there already such an project?

In the first stage, the Project should include:
- Configuration of a LDAP backend
- Configuration of Samba
- Configuration of OpenXchange
- Configuration of Squid
- Configuration of Curier
- Configuration of nss_ldap
- Configuration of pam_ldap
- simple Administration Tool

Is anyone willing or intrested to help?

Regards, Mario

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