ATI of nVidia?

Paul S paulatgm at
Sun May 27 19:52:14 UTC 2007

WipeOut said the following on 05/27/2007 10:00 AM:
> Hi,
> Not wanting to start a war because I think either brand has a card that 
> will have more performance than I will need on my Ubuntu based desktop.. 
> The question is really related to compatibility and easy of use..
> Of the two brands, generally, which is the easiest to get working in 
> terms of drivers and which has the better feature set and support under 
> Ubuntu?
> Thanks..

I'm an ATI user and hate their linux driver and lack of support.  I've 
had it about 5 months and still cannot get tv-out to work or watch a dvd 
without flickering.  And they don't even support an "official" forum or 
mailing list or bugzilla.  So, they obviously intend to be unresponsive. 
  If you have a choice, go with nvidia.  I had an nvidia before and 
wasn't 100% satisfied with their efforts, but at least they had people 
assigned and provided a forum to get some help.

I'm trying my best to find an nvidia replacement card for my laptop, but 
have struck out so far.  Are laptops that difficult to change a card on?


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