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Mitch Contla mcontla at gmail.com
Sun May 27 17:55:28 UTC 2007

On 5/27/07, Bruce Marshall <bmarsh at bmarsh.com> wrote:
> On Sunday 27 May 2007, Tony Arnold wrote:
> > No you can make ddclient work from behind a NAT router. ddclient has
> > several ways of figuring out the IP address. One way is to query a WEB
> > site that returns the address it sees. This returns the external IP
> > address of the router.
> That would be one way.   But if the router can handle it, that's better

It should be, but in the case of my WRT54GS, I've found it to be somewhat
flaky, and in fact one time lost my dyndns name. As pointed out earlier,
ddclient works just fine behind a router and in my experience has been rock
solid. YMMV.

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