OpenOffice "Default" font has changed to "Kotchi Gothic"

Jon Grant jg at
Sun May 27 10:16:10 UTC 2007


thanks for the info.

> I think that you'll find this helpful:
> [still incomplete & needs a lot of work but may be helpful anyway]
> A short & simple to get all of your fonts back to your system fonts:
> Tools|Options||View - click 'Use system font for user
> interface'. That will revert all of the user interface fonts back to
> whatever your system settings are (Ubuntu - System|Preferences|Font)

Thanks for the pointer. I realised I already had that setting ticked, 
the user-interface is rather hard to read in the OOo Options, but I was 
kind of just putting up with that as I can still read it.

I read that useful wiki page, and came to this:

Couldn't get Arial -> Bitstream Vera Sans   substitution to work. In the 
end I decided i'll have to make a compromise and install the 
msttcorefonts package. I won't send out documents in Arial, but at least 
I will be able to view them when people send me them!

Thanks for the help, Jon

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