how to set an HP printer in black+white mode

Mitch Contla mcontla at
Sat May 26 14:53:44 UTC 2007

On 5/26/07, Jon Grant <jg at> wrote:
> Hiya
> anyone have any idea how to set my HP930C into black+white mode? the
> colour ink has run out, and I've got lots of black ink, so I'm happy
> just to use that.
> I'm running Kubuntu 6.06 from last Sept. I believe it's running through

Point your browser to http://localhost:631/printers/ and press the "Set
printer options" for your printer. Look for something like "Printout Mode",
and check to see if you have a mode that uses black cartridge only.

My PhotoSmart 1000 seems to require a color cartridge even for B&W printing.
Maybe your's will not.
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