Saving Installed Packages Before Reinstalling Feisty

Tony Arnold tony.arnold at
Fri May 25 09:54:03 UTC 2007


Arnold Pietersen wrote:
> Luigi wrote:
>> On 5/25/07, *Arnold Pietersen* <arnold.pietersen at
>> <mailto:arnold.pietersen at>> wrote:
>>     I want to reinstall Feisty.  However, I want to save the packages
>>     which
>>     I installed to a CD so that when I reinstall Feisty, I can reinstall
>>     those packages from CD instead of having to go on the Internet;
>>     bandwidth is a problem.  Is it possible? If so, how?
>>     Regards
>>     Arnold
>> dpkg --get-selections \* > old-system-selections.txt
>> install the system on the new PC/hd with the CDs and then restore your
>> selections:
>> dpkg --set-selections < old-system-selections
>> Now you can use whatever method you like best to install selections
>> ;-) synaptic, aptitude, etc... all have a way to do this. I like dselect:
>> dselect update
>> dselect install
> Luis
> So if I understand you correctly I can get hold of the programs I
> installed after I installed Feisty and write them to CD and then
> reinstall them.  It would be like installing windows, then you get all
> these exe files doing all sorts of things which you maybe store in a
> folder.  This folder with the exe files you write to CD.  So when you
> reinstall windows, you can reinstall the exe files again.

No, I think the method described above means you will be installing all
the packages from the repositories, i.e., over the network unless the
packages are on the original install CD/DVD.

I'm not sure how to do what you want but dumping the contents of
/var/cache/apt an restoring it to your new system may do the trick. I've
never tried it so I'm not 100% sure about this.

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