Antivirus for Ubuntu

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Thu May 24 18:07:27 UTC 2007

Honestly, the structure is such that this is an unnecessary device right now, and the security being as it is, might be an unnecessary construct in the future of linux.

That being said, there is ClamAV at 

I'd be more concerned with someone who desires a useless or needless product being executed, though.  The only purpose for an anti-virus in Linux at this time is to protect the windows users.  Microsoft Windows is the issue here, not Linux.


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From: "Ben Edwards" <funkytwig at>
> I use xubuntu at work but there is only one other Linux desktop user.
> I was chatting to my boss today and one of the things the head of IT
> is nervous about is Antivirus on Linux.  Thats not go the you dont
> need it route, it the Linux desktop becomes popular there will be
> viruses, Trojans etc.  He knows it may not be necessary but to keep
> the business happy we need to use it. The question is are there any
> decent centrally managed anti virus products around for linux?
> Ben
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