Mounting with ntfs-3g

Derek Broughton news at
Thu May 24 12:41:17 UTC 2007

ruscook wrote:

> Only if the module/kernel involved remaps the device to the right UUID.
> Considering that seemed to break when the recent kernel changed SATA
> devices from /dev/hdx to /dev/sdx it could happen again.
> On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 01:56 -0400, Greg Helton wrote:
>> The reasoning behind using UUID vs traditional device names is that an
>> UUID will not change for a partition (unless you reformat it) whereas a
>> device name can change if the drivers get loaded in different orders,
>> drives get moved around, etc :)

Argh.  Please don't top-post.

A module should not be able to "remap" a device to a different UUID.  The
UUID is a string of bytes at the beginning of a partition.  It gets written
by mkfs.  

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