DHCP name announcement

Jonathan McLoughlin jonathan.mcloughlin at gmail.com
Wed May 23 08:48:25 UTC 2007

I cannot be sure but IMHO

your DNS server on your router is simply only a DNS relay in that it
answers the inside requests for internet addresses, it does not have
any of its own records for machines that are inside. I have not seen a
standard home router work in this fashion although with a modified
firmware from something like DD-WRT I believe this can work
You XP is doing netBIOS broadcasts of its hostname and thus getting
resolved from within the LAN.
I believe you are going to need to look into a name resolution
solution on your network

On 5/23/07, Phil Bieber <philbieber at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> I've checked that the line
> #send host-name hekate;
> is indeed uncommented. Or does it have to be
> send host-name "<hostname>"; ?
> Does anybody have an idea how to solve this?
> I'd appreciate any help!
> Thanks a lot!
> Cheers
> Philipp Bieber
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