trouble with pan

James Takac p3nndrag0n at
Wed May 23 00:26:47 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 22 May 2007 12:28:45 Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> James Takac wrote:
> > So begs the q, as I have 3 pc's
> > on that router, how can I determine this ones ip address?
> ifconfig
> Matt Flaschen

Hi Matthew

I figured that much out after some some searching. Have since ruled out the 
router as the prob. On another list someone suggested to try

nc news.server.address nntp

to which I found one was a dud server. However my isp's server came back with

502 You have no permission to talk, (reverse dns disabled, see nodns in 
dnews.conf) {}, Goodbye

That seems to suggest I need to enable reverse dns?


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