Invalid Parameters w/ SMB

Rashkae ubuntu at
Tue May 22 20:24:31 UTC 2007

Devon Harding wrote:
>> >>
>> >>
>> > IMHO because its vista
>> > --cj
>> >
> Hmm, it seems that Vista IS the issue.  I was able to copy a file from a
> Windows 2003 share without any problems.  Is there a SMB patch available 
> for
> Ubuntu?

Can you clarify how your trying to copy the file? I'm assuming that 
you're just browsing to the share with Nautilus (the default Ubuntu file 
manager), which would mean your difficulty is with gnome-vfs (I think).. 
  but your message didn't specify one way or the other how you are 
trying to copy the file.

Have you tried using smbclient (a command line utility)

Mounted the file share with mount? (need to install smbfs package)

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