yaboot not working right

Erik Schmidt eschmidt90 at gmail.com
Tue May 22 16:53:16 UTC 2007

Hi, I am using Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn (7.04) on my PPC iBook (G4)

I was until recently using edgy eft (6.10) and, during that time, whenever I
booted up my computer, it would load directly into what I'm guessing is
yaboot and display a text interface that let me choose which operating
system to boot into.

now when I boot up it loads striaght into Mac OS X.  in order to select
linux, I have to boot up while holding the option key and then select my
linux partition, which then lets me boot up to the original text interface
which in turn lets me select from linux or OS X!


so, in short, my question is, how do I get my laptop to boot up to the text
interface instead of assuming that I want OS X?


~Erik Schmidt
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