ssh root login in Feisty

Toby Kelsey toby.kelsey at
Tue May 22 14:56:57 UTC 2007

Mitch Contla wrote:

> Are you sure? That seems odd. Make sure you are reading the man page for 
> sshd, not ssh.

My fault, you're right.  I had openssh-client installed but not openssh-server.
Not finding it in the ssh and ssh_config manpages, and /etc/ssh/ssh_config made
me think the option had gone:

$ grep -i permit /etc/ssh/ssh_config
#   PermitLocalCommand no

$ man ssh_config|grep -i Permit
Reformatting ssh_config(5), please wait...
              permitted (both on the command line and in HostName specifica‐
              directive is ignored unless PermitLocalCommand has been enabled.

PermitRootLogin is only mentioned briefly in the ssh man page:

$ man ssh|grep -i PermitRoot
      file (see below) and the PermitRootLogin server option.  The following
      “jane” and on the second device from user “john”, if PermitRootLogin is

which I missed. Sorry for the false alarm.


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