new scanner

Carsten Aulbert carsten at
Tue May 22 08:15:26 UTC 2007

norman wrote:
> There has been a considerable amount of mail on the subject of scanners
> to which I have contributed. Now, I must have a working scanner, so
> could some person tell me of a scanner which positively works on 7.04.
> If not too costly I will buy one rather that downgrade back to 6.10.

I just bought a Epson V100 photo - but I can only use it with a the
binary blob. Which means, I have to recompile the module every time a
new kernel arrives. Apart from this it works well with (x)sane, but not
with kooka (KDE scan tool). It seems to run a bit slower than under
Windows, but at least it works under Linux :)

Apart from this, you might want to have a look at



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