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Tue May 22 01:17:59 UTC 2007

Doing a downgrade will take you way off the beaten path.
You will be breaking a new trail.

I'd suggest getting a new hard drive doing a fresh install of
6.10 then copying what you need from your 7.04 old drive(s)
onto you new 6.10 system.

If that's not an option make sure you make a backup of
of /home  /etc  and maybe even  /var depending on what
you have going.

I can't believe how cheap storage is getting.  Was just at
Costco and saw 1 Terabyte ( 2 - 500 GB drives ) in a box
with a 10/100/1000 network interface you can either
run it as 1 TB or a mirrored 500 GB.  Don't know what
network protocols it supports.  It's marketed as plug and
play for Windows users who wouldn't know the difference
between NFS, SMB, and a hole in the ground.  All for
$344.95 USD.

Anyway make sure you have a copy of what you need to
preserve before you start.

On 5/21/07, debiani386 <debiani386 at> wrote:
> norman wrote:
> > Could someone please explain the procedure to change from 7.04 to 6.10
> > without losing any of my files etc. Up to now I have only upgraded but,
> > now that my scanner does not work, I shall have to go down a grade.
> >
> > Norman
> >
> >
> >
> Why do you want to go back to 6.10? 7.04 is way much better then 6.10 imho
> besides, i noticed more performance glitches in 6.10 then i did in 7.04,
> as in the browser would sometimes lock up or the x server would need
> some restarting. 7.04 is different
> --cj
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