Jonathan Kaye jdkaye10 at yahoo.es
Mon May 21 08:31:45 UTC 2007

norman wrote:

> Does censorship operate on this list? I sent an item last night called
> unhappy upgrade and it has not appeared. Is this commonly what happens
> to critical comments? I am not impressed.
> Norman
Hi Norman,
"Paranoia strikes deep/Into your heart it will creep" ;-)
Do you mean your posting that begins: 
"I would like to place on record that I am very disappointed with the
upgrade from 6.10 to 7.04. The first thing I find is that Pan, which I
use regularly, has been drastically changed with no guidance being
provided on how to salvage the old settings etc."
Not only has it appeared but there are, as of now, 2 responses to it, Mario
and Brien.
I guess the answer to your question is, no. Are you more impressed now?
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