Ubuntu.com listing laptops?

Rich Renomeron rrenomeron at aim.com
Sat May 19 19:36:14 UTC 2007

Solomon Herscovitch wrote:
> But why bother helping the huge industry?  If I were to buy a computer,
> I would get one from System76 <http://www.system76.com/>.  It is a small
> company, that supports Ubuntu, and has full functionality.

The advantage of "helping the huge industry" is that by doing so, you
are helping Ubuntu get more mainstream exposure.  Even though you can
get Ubuntu preloaded elsewhere, buying from Dell will help this
initiative be successful, which will be positive for Linux and open
source software in general.  It all depends on where your priorities are
in what you want to support with your purchase.

However, you shouldn't buy from Dell if they don't have something that
suits your needs.  For example, according to this blog post:


the only laptop offering is going to be the Inspiron E1505, which is
fairly large.  I'm currently in the market for a ultraportable laptop
with long battery life, so I'm probably going to get the Darter from
System 76.  But if Dell was offering an Ubuntu preinstall on one of
their ultraportables, I'd definitely consider it.

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