Nvidia chipsets

Albert Charron albert at albertcharron.name
Fri May 18 23:33:06 UTC 2007

WipeOut wrote:
> Hi,
> Looking at some new motherboards and see that there are many with Nvidia 
> chipsets.. I have always stuck with Intel chipsets boards to avoid any 
> compatibility issues.. I like things to "just work"..
> So the question is simple.. Do motherboards with Nvidia chipsets "just 
> work" under linux as my Intel chipset boards always seem to or do they 
> require messing with drivers etc.??
> I guess while I am asking, do Nvidia graphics cards "just work" these 
> days or do they also require messing with drivers?
I don't know for the newer nForce (nVidia) chipset, but my comp runs on 
an Asus A7N8X (nVidia nForce2 chipset) and everything runs out of the 
box on it.

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