DHCP name announcement

Lea Gris lea.gris at noiraude.net
Fri May 18 10:14:39 UTC 2007

Phil Bieber a écrit :
> Hi list!
> I am having a little trouble with the hostname announcements of my
> KUbuntu boxes on my net.
> Here's the setup:
> 1 Win XP PC - Wired LAN -> hostname -> Bieber
> 1 KUbuntu Feisty Laptop - WLAN (with several virtual mashines) ->
> hostname: hekate
> 1 KUbuntu Dapper Live CD Laptop - Wired LAN
> and sometimes other Windows XP Laptops, wired and wireless LAN.
> + a WiFi ADSL router (acting as gateway and DHCP Server, and usually
> as a DNS server, I think)


send host-name "<hostname>";

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