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In principle easy Ryan.
Step 1 add new HDD
Step 2 set up the partitions you want as mirror sets with 1 driver (SDA)
Step 3 rsync ALL data from each partition on /dev/sdX to /dev/mdX (your
raid set)
Step 4 CONFIRM everything is ok
Step 5 use fdisk to create a copy of your partitions on /dev/sdb on
/dev/sda (note this has now deleted ALL old data on /dev/sda)
Step 6 add each partition on /dev/sdX to /dev/mdX
Step 7 enter "watch -n 5 cat /proc/mdstat" to watch the raid set rebuild
Step 8 all done.

As for making grub available on both drives I'm not an expert so haven't
got that bit down pat yet :-)

The above info is a synopsis of the making raid on existing system howto
from the Gentoo wiki howtos

Ryan Nichols wrote:
> What is the best way to make a RAID 1 set out of my existing system? 
> I've got a 320GB Sata Drive and I want to add a 2nd one and make it 
> RAID... What is the best way to do this? I want to keep the data intact.
> Thanks,
> Ryan


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