problem installing kubutn 7 on hp nc 8430

debian debiani386 at
Thu May 17 21:06:59 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-17 at 08:37 +0200, Luca Ferrari wrote:
> On Thursday 17 May 2007 James Takac's cat, walking on the keyboard, wrote:
> > I take it you've enabled nvidia drivers?
> > If so, use CTRL ALT F1 to get to a console and edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf
> > file. Where nvidia is listed as your driver replace with vesa. That'll get
> > your screen back but no 3d acceleration alas. There is a prob on some
> > systems with the install script for nvidia drivers as I have found.
> > Apparently the solution (for some) is to completely remove the niviaa
> > driver from ubuntu and then install the binary from
> Dear James thanks for the suggestion but even if I've edited the xorg.conf 
> I've found already a vesa driver there! And by the way my machine has an ati 
> video card, so why are talking me about nvidia?
> So what could be the problem?
> Any idea?
> Thanks,
> Luca
What kind of ati card do you have installed?

Note: ubuntu works with a lot of ATI and Nvidia cards. i use an ATI
xpress 200 (i know its really lame, but it does what i want it to) and
it works better on ubuntu 7.04 then it did on any previous version

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