Graphics card problem! HELP?

Ari Torhamo ari.torhamo at
Thu May 17 21:00:52 UTC 2007

to, 2007-05-17 kello 07:50 -0400, Bart Silverstrim kirjoitti: 
> Hello all...
> Just got a new system with a GEForce 8600GT graphics card in it.  Ubuntu 
>   boots up and the desktop works, but the resolution is low (on a 22" 
> Samsung LCD, it tops out near 1024x768 if memory serves...sorry, I was 
> trying to get everything working last night at home, and this is a 
> freshly unboxed system) and the desktop effects turn the display 
> completely white (or while trying to install a working NVIDIA driver X 
> won't start at all or locks at a black screen).
> Has anyone managed to use an 8600GT to get 3D effects working on XOrg? 
> I'd hate to do it but is this a problem inherent with Ubuntu or would 
> another distro handle this better?  I'd hate to have a card with so much 
> claimed ability for handling 3D and be stuck at a lower resolution and 
> no eye candy to impress some end users...well, that, and I do actually 
> find some of the effects handy.


Nvidia-glx from Ubuntu repositories doesn't work with GeForce 8000
series graphics cards, which is caused by a known bug. Alberto Milone
made a patch available for the bug three weeks ago and I've been waiting
for the installable fix to appear. Alberto published the patch (in the
form of source code) in two related bug reports, so the developers
propably are aware of them:

Here are the direct links for the patch (mainly useful for developers):

I hope this bug gets fixed soon. The innocent victims who are eager to
see the fancy desktop effects, find themselves staring at the gloomy
command line instead :-/

Ari Torhamo

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