Where Apps are Stored on My HDD (like "Program Files")?

NoOp glgxg at mfire.com
Thu May 17 20:23:27 UTC 2007

On 05/17/2007 09:31 AM, Jason Moody wrote:
> I am really new to Linux. Ubuntu is the first Linux Distro I've ever
> used. My question is pertaining to Firefox. I'm trying to set it up so
> that when I subscribe to RSS Feeds it will use my reader. But it asks
> where the app is located. (like in Windows "Program Files") I Googled it
> and have been unable to get the answer. I believe it's /usr/lib but I'm
> just not finding it. I'm just wanting to know where the applications I
> install are being put on my hard-drive. Thanks for any replies.

Open the Synaptic Package Manager:
System|Administration|Synaptic Package Manager
  do a search on Firefox
Search: firefox
  you'll find 'firefox', right click on it and select Properties. Now
click on the Installed Files tab - that will show you where all of
Firefox's files are installed.

Hint: if you want to find where your FireFox profile is located; in FF
URL bar enter: about:cache
that will show you the path to the cache directory and should be

That said; I'm confused as to what RSS Feed would ask you where the app
is located. Can you provide a link & also advise as to which version of
FF  and Ubuntu you are using?

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