Installing .deb packages with apt-get

Larry Shields larry at
Thu May 17 17:03:14 UTC 2007

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 16/05/07, Larry Shields <larry at> wrote:
>>> Will that install a local .deb file? I've no debs at the moment to
>>> check, but reading the apt-get man page it seems that I'd have to
>>> specify the path to a local repo in sources.list. I'd like to know if
>>> there's an option akin to yum's "localinstall" option.
>> sudo su apt-get install <packagename> Apt-get will install it where it
>> needs to be...
>> Now if you find that you want to remove it, type sudo su apt-get remove
>> <packagename>...
  Hello Dotan,

> Thanks, Larry. I know how to install/remove packages with apt-get, but
> I'd like to review it's operations before it does anything. Especially
> in the case of dependancies.
Ok but from the way it sounded was like you did not know how to use apt...
The only way that I can think of if you want to know the dependencies, 
is to use synaptic, look for the program you want, then right click on 
it...Click on properties, it then will show all of it's dependencies...

But it will not show you were it is going to be installed, it will how 
ever if it is installed...Most all will be in the /usr/bin  /usr/share 
files areas...
>> Also you can find where a package is by using the command  'locate
>> <packagename>'...
> Of course. But that's not the detail I'm interested in. I want to know
> what will be updated and to what version numbers. Not _after_ the
> operation, but before.
Synaptic will show you the version numbers prior to installing, by 
looking at the properties again...

>>> While we're on the subject, yum lets the user know what it's going to
>>> add/remove/update and asks for confirmation first. I see the -s option
>>> for simulate, but I'd just like it to tell me what it's doing first
>>> and then let me decide. Is this possible? Or do I have to do every
>>> operation twice: once simulated, and once for real?
>> I've installed many packages, some I did not like, or used after I had
>> tried them out, but really never did remove them, since they do not take
>> up much disk space...It's up to you what you want to do...
>> Yes the -s option does simulate, and you would be doing it twice,
>> another thing that I never used, if I want the package, then I download
>> it...
> I'm not talking about trying new packages. I want to know what apt-get
> will do before it commits. This is a trivial feature and it's present
> in other package managers. Hell, even Windows Update lets you know
> what it's about to do and gives the user veto option. I find it
> difficult to believe that apt-get forces one to do a simulated install
> as the only means of discovering what it intends to do. Is there
> really no interactive option?
As far as I know apt doesn't tell you what it is going to do before it 
commits, maybe someone else can answer that question...
Ah windoze, I have not used it in about 12 yr's or more, it's more 
trouble than it's worth trying to keep it from crashing etc...
> Dotan Cohen
Sorry that I could not be more helpful... ;-)


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