Moving swap & /home to another hard drive.

Rashkae ubuntu at
Thu May 17 16:41:43 UTC 2007

Brian McKee wrote:
> You should consider using BOTH swap partitions - if you don't need the
> space back on the original disk, the partition is already there and it
> might help  a little bit more... especially if you are low on ram.
>   If it's IDE it will likely only help if the two drives are on
> different cables (ie hda and hdc or hda and hdd)
>   Just list them both in /etc/fstab and let linux choose which one to use when.

Better yet, assuming both hard drives are relatively close in 
performance, use the priority=0 option for both.

That will make linux use them both simultaneously, spreading the load, 
and potentially doubling swap performance.

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