Moving swap & /home to another hard drive.

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu May 17 15:07:41 UTC 2007

On Thursday 17 May 2007, alex wrote:
> I currently have swap and /home on their own partitions in same hard
> drive as ubuntu.
> Is there any benefit or disadvantage if swap and/or /home are moved to
> their own partitions on
> a second hard drive but leaving ubuntu in the first hard drive.
> How would such a move be accomplished?
> alex

No real benefit unless you  a) don't have enough memory in the first place and 
are swapping an awful lot  or  b) you're doing extremely I/O intensive stuff 
with your /home data files.

If you're a normal user, I doubt if you would notice any difference unless you 
need more memory as in (a).   In that case, getting more memory would be the 
thing to do.

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