Graphics card problem! HELP?

Andrew Syrewicze asyrewicze at
Thu May 17 13:38:27 UTC 2007

Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> Andrew Syrewicze wrote:
>> Just a quick question. Did you install the nvidia driver from the 
>> repositories or the driver from
> I tried the nvidia-glx and nvidia-glx-new from the repos, and tried 
> Automatix2 (couldn't detect the card to identify), and I tried an 
> application caled Envy (which apparently is what NVIDIA translates to?), 
> but Envy couldn't ID the card, and then I tried Envy in manual mode and 
> that didn't work either.
> Results varied from the white screen (which stuck if I didn't hit escape 
> quickly enough) to X failing to start to complete black screen lockup. 
> Each time I had to either boot to safe mode from GRUB or log in as an 
> admin user and re-copy a backup of xorg.conf to the /etc/X11 directory 
> and restart, after which it would work again sans extra feature.
>> I have found that the driver from the repositories works quite 
>> painlessly, though I don't know for a card that new. I'm running a 7900 
>> GT Extreme and it works like a champ for me :)
> How new is the 8600?  That is most likely part of my problem.  Any idea 
> if there is work being done to support it in the open-source world?
Your best bet may be to go to and download the driver from 
there. I know that method is frowned upon in the debian world, but with 
a card that new it may be your best bet.

Anyone else on the list running that vid card???

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